Animal therapist teacher

Kei Ohmura
Non Profit Organization
Japan Animal Therapy Association of General Director of Machida Representative Branch and
Grand Master Animal Therapist

From Shizuoka, currently in Tokyo Matida
1979 Graduated from Meiji University
2001 Completed Keio University Art Management Seminar
2021 Completed Teikyo University of Science An Introduction to Animal Welfare

My work experience was working in the department store and compound cultural facility HR department.
I love nature and various creatures since childhood, and I I've raised various creatures.Among them, my favorite creature is a dog, and I have 5 dogs now.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake, I wanted to make many people smile and cheer up with the healing power of dogs, so I retired early from the company that l worked at for about 35 years and started animal assisted interventions with my dog.

Hello everyone.
Thank you very much for your understanding and warm support of our association's activities.
I'm Kei Omura, General Director of Tokyo Machida Representative Branch and Grand Master Animal Therapist.

First of all, let me introduce Machida Representative Branch,the home of my animal assisted interventions activities.
The area around Machida Station is a city with many commercial facilities, but there is Tama Hills where rich nature spreads a little away from Machida Station.
Machida City is only about 30 minutes from the center of Tokyo, but as the name suggests, it is a place where the town and the countryside live together.
Machida Representative Branch is engaged in activities to promote "Improvement of Social Welfare" "Contribution to the local community" and "Healthy development of children" through animal assisted interventions in the southern area of the Tama Hills centering on Machida City.
Machida Representative Branches therapy dogs and animal assisted therapist are loved by the local residents, and visit disability support facilities,hospitals, mental clinics, hospices, etc., centering on nursing homes and smile about 750 clients annually.

And the work of Grand Master Animal Therapist is recruitment of qualifications for animal therapists, lecturers for the intensive course for obtaining the qualification of animal assisted therapist and publicity of the activities of our association.
In the intensive course for obtaining the qualification of animal assisted therapist,
as a lecturer, I hope that students will not only learn about animal assisted interventions, but also share and practice my experience gained through the animal assisted interventions activities at the Machida Representative Branch.
Through this intensive course, I would also like to help develop true animal assisted therapist who can take care of the welfare of dogs, bring out the capabilities of therapy dogs, and be close to the feelings of various target persons through human learning.

Today, it's becoming scientifically understood that therapy dogs make people healthy. In Japan today, with an aging society and a stressful society, I think there are many clients who are waiting for therapy dogs to visit in various regions and facilities.
Everyone, Let's all get a qualification as an animal assisted therapist of our association, and let many people smile with us with the power of therapy dogs.

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