Social planner

Born 1984 in Nagoya, Aichi
2008 Graduated from Waseda University School, Department of Sport Sciences, Course of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

2008 Joined Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd. (former company of Recruit Co., Ltd. and Recruit Career Co., Ltd.)
2017 After retiring from the company, worked as a recruitment agency in Myanmar and became independent after returning to Japan.
2019 Founded Crossperience Co., Ltd.

After graduating from university, supported over 1,000 companies in Kanto, Chubu, and Hokushinetsu area as a consultant in the human resources field (mainly from hiring to entering) at Recruit, and help led them to successful hiring.

In terms of performance, after receiving numerous awards such as the MVP, he later transferred to the company's human resources department to provide support from hiring to success after joining the company.
As an overseas internship planner while finding participant companies and promoting program development in Myanmar, he received an opportunity to move to Myanmar after retiring from the company and started a recruitment business.

After returning to Japan, he became independent and established a personnel consulting business.
He became interested in animal therapy after encountering his beloved cat and dog and obtained an advanced animal therapist qualification at the NPO Japan Animal Therapy Association.
Later he became a social planner of the association and became in charge of public relations activities to promote animal therapy, planning, and development of therapy programs.

In line with the start of the new era, he has incorporated his personal business and is also planning a new human resource development program related to living with animals, in addition to the personnel consulting.
His immediate goal is to create a place where people and animals can learn and enhance each other by living together.

Hello everyone!
I am Takashi Okumura, a social planner of NPO Japan Animal Therapy Association.
Thank you so much for your continued support to our association.

Having the mission to spread animal therapy, I am in charge of planning works for the association.

We are looking for colleagues who are willing to explore about the better way of humans and animals to live together.

Actually I got interested in the animal world just recently. Before, I had been living in a totally different world.
Even after knowing the activities of the animal therapy, I was a little skeptical of it at first.

I have been involved with many dogs and people while asking myself every day “is it really a meaningful activity for the animals?”

There are people who take this activity positively, and those who take it negatively.
I think there are various perspectives in reality.

However, now I see animal therapy as a very potential activity which allows a person to be like a person, and a dog to be like dog.

For that purpose, we have to recognize the difference between people and dogs, and we would like to pursue the relationships that allow each other to recognize their individuality.

As a handler of the therapy dogs, an "Animal Therapist" needs to know his (her) dog better than anyone.
Animal therapists can be said to be an entertainer, in terms of making the most out of the dogs personality, healing and entertaining people.
There is no healing ahead unless the animal therapist and the dog enjoy and understand each other.

”Know yourself, Know your dog, Know your partner"
It's not an easy job.

I noticed various things through my activities with dogs, and my way of living a life changed.
I would like to share such a wonderful experience with many people and expand the circle of the activities!

If you are interested in becoming an "animal therapist", I will gladly give explain, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm Regards,

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